What Does ‘RPS’ Mean in Battle Battalions?


Combat between Battalions in Battle Battalions is balanced around the time-honored system of “Rock Paper Scissors” (or ‘RPS’ for short).  

For those who may be unfamiliar with the RPS game, it goes like this:

RPS is a zero-sum, win-lose game played against an  opponent(s) in which, on the count of three, each participant simultaneously produces a symbolic version with their hands of either a rock, a sheet of paper or a pair of scissors.  Each of those three items either defeats or loses to each of the other two options (game rules dictate that Rock smashes Scissors, Paper envelops Rock, Scissors cuts Paper).  In other words, each item has a singular opponent (sometimes referred to as a “hard counter”) that will always best it.

In Battle Battalions, your choice of Battalion type (and its corresponding Armor type and Weapon type) necessarily puts you at either an inherent advantage or disadvantage against each opposing Battalion on the battlefield.   Unlike RPS however, the outcome is not an all-or-nothing, win-lose result 100% of the time.   Variables such as differing skill levels, quantity of units in your Battalions, individual unit abilities and battlefield positioning all factor into the final result of the encounter.  But design-wise, every offensive tool (i.e. Weapon) in the game is rated as either effective, moderately effective or ineffective against every defensive tool (i.e. Armor).  If you extend this logic, it means there are certain units on the battlefield you should attempt to attack, others you should likely avoid and the remaining in which you can roll the dice. 

Armed with this knowledge, you can experiment with the different Battalions offered in the game to get an idea which Battalions best suit your play style and personality.  We encourage players to research the strengths, weaknesses, abilities and, most importantly, hard counters of the various Battalions by visiting the Encyclopedia on the Battle Battalions website, perusing the Official Forums for advice or simply reading the in-game tool tips and Depot information.  By selecting and developing Battalions that complement your natural tendencies (e.g., are you an aggressive player?  Are you defense minded?  Do you prefer rapid or deliberate unit movement? Etc.), you will become more skilled over time, earn more currency and ultimately be a more effective asset to your team. 

Of course, it’s always fun to mix things up just to keep the play experience fresh and compelling.  That’s why there are a variety of Battalions available from which to choose.  Perhaps the most important aspect of experimenting with the many different Battalions is you will become that much more familiar with your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses from first-hand experience.  In Battle Battalions, knowledge is very much power, so grasping the RPS mechanic and learning which Battalions to engage on the battlefield (and which to avoid!) will make you a better player in no time!

See you on the battlefield!