It’s Time to Battle Some Bots in Beta Update #3!


It’s time for Beta Update #3!   Keep all that great feedback coming by posting here in the official forums.

Here’s are the highlights:

  • Matches against the computer AI (or PvE against “bots”) can now be initiated with less than 5 players per team
  • Improved matchmaking for PvE
  • Implementation of the in-game Refer-A-Friend program

This Beta update goes live Tuesday, Oct 20 around Noon PST.   Please be sure to try out all the new features and then remember to post your comments here in the official forums

Full update notes below:


  • PvE will now kick-off matches with less than 5 players, replacing missing players with AI
  • Implemented Refer-A-Friend Program
  • Improved Matchmaking for PVE
  • Added context menu to chat in the Depot, activated by right-clicking on a player’s name. Players can now:
o Add or remove friends
o Accept friend requests
o Invite someone to your group
o Kick someone from your group
o Leave someone’s group
o Send a private message to someone (a tell)
o Mute/unmute someone

  • Abilities are now able to be cast on the radar map
  • Added button to UI for adding players manually to groups in the Depot



  • AI units that are camping inside a control point now try to find the best location
  • Selected AI units that attack now stop within a range of the target position
  • AI can now split based on unit count
  • Added Last Man Standing evaluation for AI
  • Added additional AI Battalions: Rocket Trooper, Sniper, and TDs



  • Changed the Perk Activation Extraction time from 1 second to 2 seconds
  • Adjusted Matchmaker to better handle some of the recent company RPS changes from both PvE and PvP



  • Added missing tooltips on Balance of Power UI
  • RPS tooltips now displayed on single line



  • Polished the artwork in the Main Menu scene.
  • Improved flames texture on all vehicles and infantry



  • Fixed AI Pathfinder Battalion to have correct number of starting units (12)
  • Fixed the Following AI Battalions to have the correct number of starting units:

o Dreadfire(6), Pathfinders(12), Snipers(12), Suppressors(12), Hornets(18), Hydra(6), Silencers(6), Juggernauts(3)

  • Fixed screen aspect ratio issues so that resolutions wider than 16:9 work well