How to Play Battle Battalions

Just getting started with Battle Battalions? Or perhaps looking to gain an edge in your next match? Below you’ll find useful guides and hints for a variety of skill levels.

Beginner Guide

Entering a match

  1. Click the Battalions tab on the left side of the main screen.
  2. Select your Battalion from the choices on the left.
  3. Click the “Battle” button at the top of the screen.
  4. The game will automatically create teams and bring up the pre-match Deploy Screen.
  5. Configure your Battalion from the available options.
  6. Click the “Ready” button to enter the match.

Winning a Match

  1. Capture and control Primary Objectives (labeled A, B, and C on the minimap in the bottom left) to gain points.
  2. When points gained reach 250 (trackable at the top center of the screen), your team wins.

Controlling your Battalion Units

  1. Battalion units are controlled in a point-and-click manner similar to real-time strategy games:
    1. Select your units by holding down the left mouse button and dragging a box around them. You may select individual units by simply clicking on them.
    2. Right-click on the ground to direct your units to move to that location.
    3. Right-click on an enemy unit to direct your units to attack it.
  2. You have access to several abilities that can be activated multiple times in battle. The buttons for these abilities are located above and to the left of your unit icons at the bottom center of the screen.
    1. Extract: This ability returns all Battalion units back to their starting location. Consider this option when retreat is the wisest choice.
    2. Drone: This ability allows placement of a drone onto the map that affects the surrounding area with a specific enhancement for a period of time. For example, the Spy Drone will reveal the map around the drone, which is useful for tracking enemy movement.
    3. Unique Battalion Abilities: These abilities are unique to the Battalion being played and apply some beneficial effect on the battlefield for you and friendly forces to enjoy. Mouse-over these icons to reveal info on when and how to best use the ability.

Gameplay Tips

  1. Your Battalion needs to function at full strength for maximum effectiveness. Use the Extract ability to regroup and heal before losing units to enemy fire. Destroyed units in a Battalion cannot be replaced.
  2. Capture and control Secondary Objectives (such as the Helipad, Spy-Sat and Comm-Link) to give your team advantages in battle.
  3. When attacking an opposing team’s units, focus your Battalion’s collective firepower on an individual enemy unit as opposed to spreading out your attacks among multiple units. This ‘focus fire’ tactic quickly burns down and destroys an enemy unit, thus removing it permanently from the battlefield and adding to your team’s numerical combat advantage.
  4. Matches are won by accumulating small victories on the battlefield. Use your Battalion’s abilities to achieve these small victories, such causing the enemy to retreat from a contested area or extract entirely from the vicinity.
  5. You earn credits and experience with each match, win or lose. Spend this ‘currency’ on enhancing your Battalion’s potential and potency for future matches.

Advanced Guide

Match Play

  1. Pre-match Deploy Screen: Before the match begins, the Deploy Screen will appear. On this screen, you see all your team’s participating Battalions on the left and all the opposing Battalions on the right. You have the opportunity to select from available enhancements, choose alternate auxiliary configurations and make your drone selection. Use this limited time smartly to quickly examine both the opposing Battalion composition and your team’s, then choose appropriate options for maximum effectiveness on the battlefield. The Deploy Screen also portrays thumbnail version of the battle map. Use this image to get an overview of Primary Objective locations (key to winning the game) and Secondary Objective locations (helpful in winning the game). The battle map also shows the starting locations for both your team and the enemy (green is your team’s starting location and red is the enemy team’s starting location). When all your configurations are complete, click the “Ready” button to enter the match.
  2. Match Start: Immediately upon entering the match, there is an initial countdown to let you gather your wits, scan the battlefield and coordinate with teammates. This time can also be used to set up custom hotkey groupings.
  3. Primary Objectives: Primary Objectives are marked on the map by A, B, and C. The longer your team’s Battalions occupy and defend the area surrounding these objectives, the more points your team accumulates. Your point total increases upon controlling more Primary Objectives for a longer duration than the opposing team. Reaching 250 points wins the game.
  4. Secondary Objectives: Secondary Objectives (captured in the same manner as Primary Objectives) help your team achieve victory, but they do not directly contribute to the 250-point accumulation. The location and function of Secondary Objectives vary per map so mouseover the Secondary Objective markers for more information.

The Depot Screen

  1. Battalions are enhanced by unlocking new abilities, perks, and options. Spend Credits and Experience (or “XP”) earned from battle on these enhancements.
  2. Choose perks that compliment your playstyle and help bolster weaknesses in your team’s makeup.
  3. Perks unlocked through one Battalion are usable by other Battalions. Combining Perks from different Battalions can give you an edge in combat.

Gameplay Tips

  1. Extracting or retreating from an engagement are perfectly acceptable tactics. Dead units and destroyed Battalions cannot contribute to achieving victory.
  2. Keep a close eye on the Battle Map to maintain situational awareness across the entire battlefield. Know where the enemy is concentrated, the location of your teammates and opportunities for Objective capture.
  3. If your Battalion is weakened, remain in proximity to teammate’s Battalion. There is both safety and strength in numbers.
  4. When in danger or in doubt remain in proximity to another team member’s battalion. There is safety in numbers.
  5. If you control a fast-moving Battalion, be aggressive with capturing Secondary Objectives. Once secured, hand off defense of the captured objective to a more heavily-armored friendly Battalion.
  6. Nearly all Battalion abilities are designed to be used predominantly for the benefit of your teammates. Participating actively in the collective effort of your team is not only rewarding but is the main factor in match play success and advancement in the game.