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Latest Patch Notes

Update 1.06 Arrives!

Update 1.06 just hit the live servers with some very welcome quality-of-life enhancements:
  • Players with advanced companies will play PvP matches only with other players who bring in advanced companies.  Players who have queued with companies that have advanced far down the tech tree will no longer be matched with players that queue with companies that have not advanced far down that company’s tech tree.
  • PvP match queue times will decrease as AI Bots will sub-in when there are not enough players in the queue
  • New Home Page in Depot that allows you to play tutorial videos while in the game
  • Graphically enhanced Game Selection Screen
We have been busy processing all the great feedback received in the forums, so far so keep those constructive comments coming!

Previous Patch Notes

Update 1.05 Arrives!

Update 1.05 just hit with some very welcome quality-of-life enhancements, the biggest being that Practice Mode difficulty has been greatly reduced! So hit the big ‘Battle’ button in the in-game Depot give Practice Mode a try!

Update 1.04 Erupts!

Update 1.04 hit on Nov 17, bringing a holiday plethora (yes, a plethora!) of new features and changes to Battle Battalions! Hone your PvE skills for increased rewards! Become the king of the volcanic new King’s Island Map! Get the full update notes here.

1.03 Updates Addressing Balance Are In!

We issued a small update (1.03) last Friday to address some balancing issues. Please note the Development Team is spending pretty much every waking moment these days discussing any and all ways to increase the ‘fun factor’ in Battle Battalions. The more vocal you are by posting in the forums with both your praise and concerns, the more optimization we can put into the game. It’s that simple!

New Map Hit This Week (11/10/15)!

On Tuesday at 4pm PST (7pm EST, 12am GMT), we updated Battle Battalions, which included an awesome new map The Moors. Details on the update are as follows… Update 1.02 New Map: The Moors Added an “All” Chat Channel to the […]

Game Updates Incoming Thursday Night!

As promised, we’ve heard the early feedback loud and clear and now want to give you more bang for your Battalion! Read up on the incoming updates to Battle Battalions coming Thursday night at 5pm PST. Click View News Post here to learn more!

It’s the Fourth and Final Beta Update!

We’re excited to post up our fourth and final update for the Beta test for Battle Battalions! Check out the highlights and full update notes by clicking View News Post below.

It’s Time to Battle Some Bots in Beta Update #3!

It’s time for Beta Update #3! Check out the highlights and full update notes by clicking View News Post below.

Battle Battalions Releases Beta Update #2

As Beta testing for Battle Battalions surges through Week 2, we continue to appreciate all the helpful feedback posted in the forums.  It’s now time for our second major Beta update!Here’s the big news:Introducing Real Money Transactions (or RMT), which allows […]

Battle Battalions Releases Beta Update #1

It was a crazy first week of beta testing, and we really appreciate all the excellent feedback received so far. At this time, we’re pleased to announce the release of our first major update to the beta. Exciting new updates […]