Upcoming Features

Check out some of the features we’re working on for future release in Battle Battalions!
Near Future

Near Future

  • Unique Perk Boosts: Each Perk will have its own unique boost effects.
  • Players with advanced companies will play PvP matches only with other players who bring in advanced companies.  Players with new or less advanced companies will only play with other players bringing in new or less advanced companies. 
  • In order to kick-off PvP matches quicker, AI bots will sub-in when there are not enough players in the queue.
  • New intro screens to help ease the player into a match.
  • 2 New Maps
  • Guided Tutorial
  • Holiday Items
  • New “Beat the Pros” rewards
Down the Road

Down the Road

  • 2 New Maps
  • New Ability Type: faster cooldown and more skill based 
  • New Battalion Abilities
  • 5 new unit types including 3 new Battalions
  • New Medal Types
  • UI Improvements
  • Movement Improvements
  • Custom Matches
  • Clans
  • Matchmaking Improvements
  • Scoring Adjustments
  • New Cosmetic Items