Game Updates Incoming Thursday Night!


As promised, we’ve heard the early feedback loud and clear and now want to give you more bang for your Battalion!  Prepare yourselves for the following updates to the game:

  • We’re adding the frosty new Alaskan Pipeline map
  • We’re making the research grinds less grindy (reimbursements coming for those who already researched)
  • We’re beefing up the rewards for the time being in the Refer-A-Friend program
  • We’re adding more Portraits inspired by Taunts


Please be aware that servers will be coming down for a brief 30 minutes on Thursday, November 5 at 5pm PST (8pm EST, Friday 1am GMT) to apply these updates.


Then it’s safeties off and back into the action!  And be sure to keep posting all your constructive feedback in the official forums HERE.   We really do read everything!


See you on the battlefield!