It’s the Fourth and Final Beta Update!


We’re excited to post up our 4th and final update for the Beta test for Battle Battalions.   Keep all that great feedback coming by posting here in the official forums.

This final Beta update went live Tuesday, Oct 27 around 2PM PST.  The two main highlights are a) players who decide to exit mid-match will be replaced with AI-controlled bots and b) game balance has been altered to improve progression through the tech trees.

Again, please be sure to try out all the new features and then remember to post your comments here in the official forums

Full update notes below:


  • Added Bounty Tags
  • Leaver Penalty removed from PvE matches
  • Added “Only Show Owned” Check Box to each cosmetic super tab



  • AI now takes over for disconnected humans
  • AI now uses Hunker Down
  • AI now uses Hellfire Battalions



  • Store

 o Credit Price of Additional Companies reduced from 15,000 to 10,000

  • Player Account Leveling

 o   Player will now earn 10,000 credits when they reach Account Level 3

 o   Increased Global XP Rewards at Account Level 8/16/24 from 1000/2000/3000 to 3000/4500/6000

 o   Increased Credit Rewards at Account Level 8/16/24 from 1000/2000/3000 to 2500/5000/7500

  • Supply

 o   Players will now earn extra Supply at the end of the match based on their score

* Starts at 10% of your score (rounded up) so a score of 1000 pts will earn 10 additional supply where 1001 will earn 11

* This Reward Amount will increase as players unlock the Training Enhancements

  • Training Enhancements

 o   The Training Enhancements now grant an increase to Supply and Credits earned based on your score (they already granted XP increases)

* Supply Increases (+50%,+100%, +150%)

* Credit Increases (+10%, +10%, +10%)

  • Rest Cap Increased from 5 days to 7 days
  • Debrief Screen updated to show all new rewards earned



  • Added tooltips to all the icons that show up in the premade/friends implementation in chat.
  • Portraits in tactical now have the appropriate tooltips all the time.



  • Updated Victory Point A in Badlands to not have infantry only that blocks off the vantage point.



  • Polished the Bounty graphic and text legibility
  • Added the UK flag for Skin and Taunt



  • Fixed Leaver Penalty bugs
  • Fixed loading inventory data bug in deploy screen
  • Fixed purchase successful dialog popping up sometimes when it isn’t supposed to
  • Fixed unit tray not looking correct when reconnecting (particularly dead units and the armor progress bar)
  • Fixed bug where you could right-click on a system broadcast message in chat and it would show you who sent the message.
  • Fixed Tool tips so they now appear when hovering over the drag bar in the options menu.
  • Fixed particle intersecting through ground
  • Fixed passability around wind turbine