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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Battle Battalions?

Battle Battalions is a free-to-play, tactical PC game that allows you to command a role-specific ‘Battalion’ of military might on a fast-paced, team-based battlefield.  Battle Battalions is not a real-time strategy (RTS) game, as Battle Battalions features no base building or in-game resource management.  It is also not a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, since your goal in Battle Battalions is to hold control points and destroy enemy Battalions, not opposing bases/structures.  This game centers on tactical control of your chosen Battalion to cooperatively secure key map points, destroy enemy forces and score more points as a team than the opposing team, be it human or AI.

How do you win a match, and how long does it typically take?

You win a match in one of two ways:  1) your team is the first to gain 250 points, which you earn by capturing Primary Objectives, and 2), you can destroy all of the enemy Battalions. Each match has a time limit of 20 minutes, with most matches running 10 to 15 minutes.

Can I customize my Battalions with different units?

Yes. First unlock the ‘Custom Auxiliaries’ Enhancement in the Enhancement tree. Next hit the ‘Customize’ button to gain access to your Auxiliary/Additional Forces units. Under the Units & Perks tab, under Units, there are Battalions you can right click to add different units to your Additional Forces load out. Keep in mind that you must unlock each specific Battalion before use of that Battalion’s units is permitted.

Do Battalions get more powerful?

Players earn experience (or “XP”) and credits during matches and can use those currencies to research enhancements to existing Battalions they own or to purchase new Battalions. 

How many game modes are there?

The current focus for Battle Battalions is intense, team-based PvP matches with teams of 5 versus 5,   Other game modes (capture the flag, king of the hill, etc.) are under consideration and may appear in future updates. There are currently no training missions or single-player campaign in the game.

Is there heavy emphasis on micromanaging your units in Battle Battalions?

Yes and no. The units in your Battalion are usually smart enough to attack the most logical  targets on their own.   While detailed unit-specific manipulation will allow you to split up your Battalions to cover more ground or pull out individual units, group movement and attack is still a very effective way to play.

Are there factions?

There are no factions or “sides” in the traditional sense. Players are matched in PvP according to Battalion type and configuration. 

Is there any base building or unit respawn?

Who needs bases? Battle Battalions is all about fast, furious action in tactical battles, so there are no bases to build. Battalion units can heal but not respawn, so you need to know when to extract. If you do lose all your units, you can continue to use Commander Abilities to aid your teammates.

What are the benefits of in-game gold?

Purchasing in-game gold though small financial investments (or microtransactions) of real-world funds allows players to adjust the pace at which they progress (via researching upgrades, training and purchases) in the game.   It also allows you to increasingly personalize your in-game persona and units via skins for your Battalions.  Videogame players love cosmetics and convenience, so purchasing a Premium Account with gold affords maximum flexibility and options with respect to the overall Battle Battalion play experience.

Will purchasing gold allow me to win more matches?

No.   Gold is only used for cosmetic items (skins, portraits, taunts) and to speed up progress (Premium Account, Credits, Converting XP, etc).  Everything that directly effects gameplay and power is 100% earnable by just playing the game without using gold. So while a Battalion can be purchased directly with gold, it can also be purchased with in-game credits earned from completing matches; using gold simply allows faster access to the new Battalion.

What does the Additional Forces number mean?

Each Auxiliary has a specific number that specifies the limit on how many of each unit you can equip in your Additional Forces. For example:  if an Auxiliary has 180 points and each  Enforcer unit costs 20 points, you can add 9 of them. Or you can choose to add 1 Hydra Tank (60 points each) and 6 Enforcers (20 points each), which also totals 180 points.

How do I use the air strike style abilities?

Click on the ability icon, then click on the battlefield and keep the mouse button pressed where you want the ability to start.  Next, drag your mouse in the direction you want the ability to go then release the mouse button.

Can you give me some tips for success in the game?

Map awareness and team coordination are the keys to success in this game, so try to communicate and use Pings whenever possible.   Also knowledge is power, so try and take the time to read any and all tooltips you come across.

How do I change my forum avatar/picture?

To change your forum avatar (picture/photo), simply navigate to the “Gallery” tab at the top of the forum navigation. Click on one of the photo albums containing avatar images, and then click the avatar/image that you would like to use as your icon.

One you are viewing the image you would like to use, hover your mouse over the image. A menu option should appear: “Set as…“. Click “Set as..” and select “Set as my profile photo.” The image should now be your forum avatar (picture/photo)!

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