This Friday – Prepare for “Beat the Pros” and Bounty Events!


It’s go-time against the Petroglyph pros this Friday, November 6 from 10am to 12pm PST! 

Think you have what it takes beat the Petroglyph development team mano-a-mano on the battlefield?   Well, organize yourselves into 5-man teams and shoot a whisper to Community Manager Petro_GGitsChief in chat alerting him of your team roster.  Prizes to be awarded to the match victors and bandaids to the non-victors!  

And if that weren’t enough, we’ll even be hosting “Bounty” matches between 2pm and 4pm PST on Friday as well.  Take out designated Petroglyph team members in combat and earn prizes, freebies and bragging rights!

So invite your buddies, mark your calendars and practice up – No-Mercy Friday is just around the corner!

See you on the battlefield!